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Dr. Debbie Goodman is a criminologist, published author, professor, radio show host and former TV show host. Prior to teaching in the Criminal Justice degree program at St. Thomas University, Dr. Debbie served as Chairperson of the Miami Dade College School of Justice. She is the published author of academic books used worldwide, which include: Report It in Writing, Enforcing Ethics, Criminal Justice: Reality Reading, Juvenile Justice: Reality Reading, Florida Crime and Justice, The Search and Seizure Handbook, and Work in Criminal Justice. Dr. Debbie hosted a local South Florida TV Show for several years, where she interviewed representatives of the local, state and federal law enforcement community, court system, FBI, & DEA. She holds an Ed.D. from St. Thomas University in Leadership and Innovation, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from FIU, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology from Florida State University. Dr. Debbie has dedicated 30 years of her professional career to educating, mentoring and inspiring thousands of men and women into leadership positions within the justice field. She is deeply committed to helping the community gain knowledge, perspective, and understanding of the justice profession.

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Books by Dr. Debbie

In addition to our wonderfully entertaining, informative, and educational radio show and broadcasting , at Crime Time with Dr. Debbie, we work hard to keep our listeners informed about the expert information in the criminal justice field. Tuning in to our program will help you stay informed and so will the reading materials below...

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Juvenile Justice: A Collection of True-Crime Cases / Edition 1

Juvenile crime is one of the nation’s most serious crime problems. As part of Prentice Hall’s Reality Reading Series, this case book explores the topic using provocative, high-profile cases. Written in a unique police-style, the casebook examines poignant questions about juveniles and is designed to encourage vibrant discussion about these real situations. Filled with current statistical data, its purpose is to present a realistic look at youth offenders and a better understanding about this disruptive social condition

Juvenile justice collection of true crim
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